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Merry Christmas y’all! I love the weeks leading up to Christmas because you get to spend so much time with family and friends. Today, I got to hang with LC and our other college roomie & faithful blog reader, Mal! I can’t believe we all met almost nine years ago. I’m so thankful to have had such wonderful college roomies who I still talk to on a daily basis. I took Mal and LC to Pink Barre and enjoyed “sharing the tuck” with them. We spent the afternoon undoing all of our hard work at Tin Lizzy’s. I seriously don’t consider it a successful weekend until I’ve had cheese dip (twice!).


Aren’t quality college friends the best? I love this picture from my rehearsal dinner.


This coming weekend, I am going to get to see all of my wonderful hometown (and college bestie, Leslie, who moved to my hometown) besties. Jess and I have been besties since June of 1987 (literally) and Laura and I met the first week of the sixth grade. Katie, my hometown and in town (Atlanta baby) bestie and I have been hanging since freshmen year. Can you believe the four of us are in a group text all day everyday? We also will get to reunite with one of our favorites, Matt, who has been in my friend circle since 1988. We are going to miss Brittany, Tommy,Christie and Jarrad since they won’t be able to come home! I can’t wait to catch up with all my other hometown friends at Laura’s baby’s first birthday (tutu themed!). My mama is currently making tutus for me and my girls. Be on the lookout for a tutorial.



this little princess turns ONE soon!

#OOTD of the week

photo 1-7 photo 2-6Mallory and I had a fabulous time at the Junior League Jingle All the Way party.

Mallory- dress (we both have this dress and are obsessed!)// clutch (eBay for the win!)

Aubrey- dress// vest// necklace// necklace 

Recipe of the Week:


Take my peppermint truffle recipe and 1)remove the peppermint, 2) use PB chips and 3) use dark & white chocolate for decoration. My hub is obsessed with these gluten free peanut butter truffles.

 Reads of the week:

So Starbucks is starting delivery? Sign me up!

What do twentysomethings really want for Christmas? Look no further.

These holiday recipes look incredible!

Need career advice? We’ve got you covered.

Need survival plans for Christmas with your in-laws? Click here.



In breaking news… this sweet boy just got instagram. Follow him at georgewashington.thecairn to see his daily adventures.


Have a wonderful week! I’m off to read my new Tory Burch book LC gave me for Christmas.


Aubrey Lee



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