Atlanta Eats: The One Sushi +

Atlanta Eats: The One Sushi + Review


Aubrey’s review:

This past Thursday, LC and I went to the The One Sushi + in Brookhaven to for our best friend Christmas celebration. I had never eaten there and was excited since sushi is one of my favorite things to eat and most menus are pretty gluten free friendly.  I was greeted with a gluten free menu and gluten free soy sauce (#score!). I generally bring gf soy sauce with me to restaurants since few restaurants carry it.

We started with edamame and I loved the green tea salt and black salt that came on the side! I did have a hard time picking out a roll that was gluten free, since they options were limited. I decided on the picante roll (Mild spicy yellowtail, cucumber, cilantro, fresh yellowtail, salmon, jalapeno yuzu sauce) and throughly enjoyed it (after I sent it back since it has avocado and that was not mentioned #allergic). LC and I shared a salmon and tuna roll. The hidden gem, wasabi, inside the roll was a lot even for someone who ordered a spicy roll. I considered eating the pieces of salmon and tuna as nigiri.

Will I be back? Probably. I loved the atmosphere, the attentiveness of the staff (we needed a lot of water #spicy) and the gluten free knowledge of the waitress. The hubs and I are still on the search for a regular sushi place since ours closed a few months ago. We usually find ourselves at Aja on Monday night’s since they have $5 rolls. We also visited Yu Ka this weekend and while the rolls were good, the atmosphere was not very date worthy.


picante roll


LC’s review:

I had been to The One Sushi in Brookhaven a few times since it is so close to my house, and I decided to invite Aubrey there for our Christmas dinner.   I had my go to, the Sex and the City roll, which has spicy tuna, tempura flakes, tuna, mango, cashew nut, avocado, sweet soy glaze and creamy spicy drizzle.  I don’t do raw completely raw sushi a lot, but I love this one!  I think it has to be one of my favorites in town.  Definitely check that one out if you’re ever at The One.
Now for the cons.  I had never been there with someone that has dietary restrictions before, and it was interesting to see it through the eyes of someone that does.  The menu didn’t list everything that would be coming on the rolls.  For example on Aubrey’s roll avocado wasn’t listed on the menu (she’s allergic), but it was all over the top.  We also ordered two traditional rolls to share: the salmon and the tuna.  Both had a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of wasabi in the roll, and that wasn’t mentioned anywhere.  As a person who’s not really a fan of wasabi I have to say that was pretty disappointing…and HOT.
Overall though, I will definitely be back.  It’s a really cool atmosphere and a great addition to the Brookhaven neighborhood.

Sex and the City roll

Any sushi recommendations for us? We’d love to hear!

Aubrey Lee & LC


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  1. says:

    If you are Sushi Lover, Check it out;
    Sushi House Hayakawa
    5979 Buford Highway Northeast A10, Atlanta, GA 30340
    (770) 986-0010

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