In a Flash – Holiday Cocktails!


Image via Old Smoky


Mallory Anne – Eggnog Moonshine
Eggnog Moonshine is one of my favorite holiday drinks! Beware – it can be potent. I suggest diluting it with milk or extra eggnog while drinking.


Image via Food Network

Kathryn Brock – Red Rooster
Drink carefully because it can hit you all at once!


Image via The Kitchn

LC –Β Poinsettia cocktail
I really enjoy the Poinsettia cocktail, but I like to substitute St. Germain for the orange liqueur. You could also rim the glass with gold sugar for an extra festive touch.


Image via Martha Stewart

Aubrey Lee- Cherry Bombs
I can’t wait to make this for Christmas evening as my family and I sit around and chat. Sparkly and cherry? yum-o!


Image via Creative Culinary

Emily Lani – Champagne and Grand Marnier
A simple but delicious drink. You don’t need to follow a recipe, but here’s a good one.

What cocktails will you be serving this holiday?


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