Sunday Site Love

Can you believe Christmas is already over? We can’t believe it! My waist line can believe it as I write this post in my favorite running leggings, tee, and hooded tunic. I made probably 20 batches of gluten free truffles in the last two weeks and I have had to have a few of each (I needed to make sure they are all delicious!). I’m seriously missing Pink Barre (I haven’t been since Christmas Eve) and can’t wait to get back in the studio tomorrow.

#OOTD of the week


How cute is GW?

Hubs’ shirt// George Washington’s groom// my vest (sold out, similar) // my shirt


scarf// lips (in cabernet)

Reads of the week:

One of our absolute favorites wedding pictures and story was featured on Southern Weddings. The pictures are incredible and recap the wonderful wedding!

We I am currently obsessing over tulle. Mama has been working on multiple tulle skirts for me and my girls since I got home. I can’t wait to debut her creation. Until then, I am loving Luisa’s tulle in this post.

Need some New Year’s resolution? What about improving your grammar? Check out these words even the smartest people get wrong.

Still in the Christmas spirit? I’ll be playing Christmas tunes all the way back to Atlanta today. This playlist is the perfect start.

Looking for a way to save some money in 2015? I just ordered a Rivo (thanks Keurig for the discount) and can’t wait to make my own lattes at home with fresh milk!

The hubs and I are currently trying to plan our trips for this summer. We are hoping to include some of these cities.


Happy Sunday!


Aubrey Lee


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