Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Emily Lani – I got the Tile for Christmas this year. You can put it on your key chain, in your purse or attach it to just about anything and the Tile App will locate it.


LC – I recently painted my living room and decided to use Farrow and Ball paint for the first time. We went with Hague Blue which is a really deep navy. We (and our painters) were so impressed with how well the paint covered and how great the final product looked. Our painter said he planned to recommend that brand in the future.


Mallory Anne – I love cocktail napkins and recently picked up these adorable embroidered bar cocktail napkins from C.Wonder. Run don’t walk – the whole site is 50%!


Kathryn Ruth – I received this new lip plumper for Christmas, and I am obsessed!


Aubrey Lee – I am obsessed with this new Chapstick. I came down with the flu this week (yes, and I got the flu shot!) and this product has been a lifesaver. My lips always seem to get so dry when I’m sick. It’s right next to the Tamiflu on my bedside table.

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