Sunday Site Love

Well, this past week has not been one to write home about. I’ve been in bed since Monday with the flu (yes, the flu shot let me down like everyone else in the USA), so I will spare you my #ootd of the week. My favorite recipe of the week consisted of tamiflu and a blue Powerade, so I’ll leave out the pics.  I’ve literally done laundry just to have my favorite PJs back again. The most adventurous thing I have done is change the sheets multiple times in hopes to kill this awful virus.  I’m finally feeling like a normal person and hoping that I won’t have a relapse when I start back to work tomorrow. I’ve been so thankful for my sweet George Washington this week. He has literally laid by my side #alldayeveryday. My hubs has been perfect this week as well! He’s made many Frosty & Powerade runs and I am oh so thankful.

Reads of the week:

I began to worry about GW since he wouldn’t eat and was acting lethargic. Some people think you can give your dog the flu. I’m guessing George just thought I was dying since he has never seen me sleep for 16 hour multiple days in a row.

The flu has given me time to surf the WWW. Were you a basic 90s girl? I definitely was. I can relate the most to 4,5,6,14,15,19 & 23.

Over the past year, I’ve become obsessed with brussel sprouts. Here are 50 recipes to try out with my favorite little green guys.

I also located 50 gluten free freezer slow cooker meals. I’ve never been one to spend a whole day on food prep, even though it would be nice for my busy semesters. I might try a few of these out.

My friend Chaundra posted this on FB and I was dying laughing from them moment I started reading it.  I definitely can’t deal with people who don’t respect Queen B!

Is your sleep position again you? Gosh, I hope not! LC found this article that was pretty interesting to me this week since I spent it entirely in bed.

Our birthday party is right around the corner. You will definitely regret missing it. We will be giving hints of our giveaways all week!


Here’s to better health for 2015!


Aubrey Lee


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