Atlanta Eats: Saltyard

The Monday before Christmas,Β I went to Saltyard with my friend Lauren for a “catch-up dinner”. Aren’t those the best? I hadn’t seen Lauren in forever and it was so fun to eat great food and girl talk.

This was my first visit to Saltyard and I was very impressed. The waitress was extremely knowledgeable about gluten free options and gave great suggestions on our ordering.

We started with the stuffed piquillo peppers and the deviled farm eggs. I was immediately in food heaven. The honey was perfect on the peppers and I loved the bacon on the deviled eggs. Β Both of these “bar snacks” were gluten free naturally.

photo 4

Next, I ordered the pan roasted mussels and Lauren ordered the fresh pappardelle. I was so impressed on the size of the portions considering each of these dishes was only $10. The mussels were delicious. I loved the potato sticks. Obvi, I didn’t try the pasta, but Lauren said it was fantastic.

photo 3

photo 2-7


We had planned to order the blistered green beans and roasted brussel sprouts, but were running out of room in our stomachs and we didn’t want to say no to dessert. We ordered the chocolate nemesis (naturally gluten free for the win!). The citrus and chocolate combination was wonderful!

photo 1

Will I be back? Of course! The only downfall I could find was that the we were in close quarters and I felt super awkward/rude using my big camera to take pictures of the food (#iphonephotos…sorry blogger world!). I left Saltyard with a tab under $25 and thought that was a bargain for the quality of food and service I received.

Mark some new places off your Atlanta food bucket list in 2015!


Aubrey Lee


2 thoughts on “Atlanta Eats: Saltyard

  1. nicolemelv says:

    Yes! Saltyard is so yummy. I’ve only been once, too, but I loved every minute of the food. I distinctly remember the deviled eggs because they were delicious…of course you can’t really go wrong with deviled eggs, though!

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