Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Emily Lani – This Hot Tools curling iron is my go-to curling iron for big bouncy curls. It doesn’t scorch your hair but gets hot enough to give you the perfect curl. I love it!


LC – We had a great Christmas, and as usual, I was blessed with way too many presents.  One of my favorites was my new Cuyana purse.  It’s small enough to be perfect for everyday but also sleek enough for nighttime.  It would also be a great travel purse because there are tons of hidden pockets.  Cuyana is one of my favorite brands, and I’m excited I was able to add this to my collection.  I’m also obsessed with my tote that I got two Christmases ago.


Mallory Anne – With the #polarvortex2015 in full swing, I am so thankful for my Andrew Marc down coat. I have an older version of this one and it is a blessing every winter. Normally this coat is only worn when traveling up north; however, I have already worn it three times this winter.


Aubrey Lee – My mama got me this crockpot for Christmas and I can’t wait to use it! I love that you can program it to switch to warm after a certain amount of hours. I also love the meat probe! Here’s to some good crockpot meals in my future.


Kathryn Ruth – Hello winter! I love this scarf from J.Crew Factory! It is warm, soft, and cute. What more could you ask for? It is also currently 40% off with code SALENEWS.

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