In a Flash – Favorite Hand Cream

In a Flash - Favorite Hand Cream

1. Mallory Anne – Aveda
Aveda Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme is my absolute fav! I carry a mini bottle in my purse at all times. I also love how the lotion smells.

2. Aubrey Lee – Philosophy
I got this hand cream at my Favorite Things party and it is wonderful. It’s a seasonal hand cream, but they still have some in stock.

3. Emily Lani – L’occitane
I love this hand cream. It’s very rich but light. It comes in a nice small size that fits perfect in a purse!

4. Kathryn Ruth – L’occitane
This hand cream has been my favorite for a few years. It is not greasy and really works.

5. LC – Curel
This one works really well, but also smells great. It’s not overpowering and perfumy so it’s a nice, clean scent


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