Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Aubrey Lee – I got my Fitbit on Saturday and am quickly becoming obsessed! I love the idea of challenging myself to walk more steps each day. I picked mine up in pink at Bed Bath & Beyond. BBB let me use a 20% off coupon. #winning


Emily Lani – I received this Magic Unicorn Salt at Aubrey’s Favorite things party– I love it! So far I’ve mixed it into Mac and Cheese and it was amazing!


Kathryn Ruth – I have last year’s version of this coat in black and I have been wearing it every day lately. Taking the puppy out at 2am has not been fun but at least I am warm.


LC – I love a good coffee table book, but a lot of times I just get them because the cover is pretty.  This one, though, has so many beautiful images and style ideas that I actually read it cover to cover. Plus it looks pretty stacked around the house!


Mallory Anne – I recently picked up this running jacket from Old Navy and have bought it in several colors! I love how lightweight and warm it is. Plus it is way cheaper than buying the Nike or Lulumon versions. It is currently on sale!

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