Atlanta Eats: Kyma

Last Monday night my hubby and I celebrated my birthday with a dinner at Kyma. We often frequent Buckhead Life restaurants because Hunter’s family usually gives him Buckhead Life gift cards for Christmas. Buckhead Life has a great gift card deal where they will give you 20% more money on the amount purchased on the card. If you’re planning a dinner at one of their restaurants you can save some money by buying a gift card ahead of time. In summer, Buckhead Life also has a great “Dine Around” deal. They will send $25 gift cards in the mail to one of their restaurants, if you use the card in the month they send it they will send you another card for the next month. For their more modest priced restaurants like Buckhead Diner or Pricci it can cut a (simple) dinner bill in half!

This was actually my first time going to Kyma. Having recently gone to Greece for our honeymoon we thought it would be fun to have Greek for my Birthday dinner. Since it was a celebration dinner we decided to do the price fixed menu which includes a “tasting” of four spreads, four appetizers, and a whole fish to share. It was a ton of food!

The spreads were tzatziki, a roasted red pepper with feta, white caviar mousse and eggplant caviar. We really enjoyed them all except for the white caviar mousse.


For appetizers we had zucchini fritters which were fried and amazing!


Baby Beet salad, one of my friends told me I had to try this. I do love beets. This salad has a lot (maybe too much) going on including a beet sorbet.


Grilled Octopus – also highly recommended by several friends. Some people might be grossed out by octopus but this is SO GOOD. This octopus was probably better than the octopus we had straight out of the Caldera in Santorini. It has a steak like texture and is very mild. You have to try this!!


Spicy Lamb Pie, this was super rich and amazing. Its wrapped in a flaky phyllo shell. Another appetizer you must try.


We decided on a Greek fish since that seemed to be more appropriate than Arctic Char. Our waiter told us the Lvaraki and Tsipoura (both Greek) were most popular. We went with the Lvaraki which was super mild. We really enjoyed it!


For dessert they brought out a birthday Baklava that was incredible. While in Turkey for our honeymoon I probably ate my weight in baklava. Kyma’s was just as good!


-Emily Lani


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