Friday Favorites & Georgia Crafted Giveaway

Happy Friday Everyone! We hope everyone is staying warm and out of the rain. We are excited to announce our next giveaway today! Read below to find out what it is. Also – don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to enter our Keurig giveaway now through Sunday.




Aubrey Lee – LC gave me this for Christmas and I love it! I get so many compliments every time I use it. The best part? It’s large mug and holds enough coffee to get you going on a Monday morning.


LC – I’ve recently taken up yoga so if wanted to treat myself to some new gear without spending much money. These are so comfortable!  Also a bonus- not see through which I’m sure the people behind me in class appreciate.


Emily Lani – I picked a bag of these up at Crate and Barrel with some leftover gift card money. They are a great seasoning for cooking with!


Kathryn Ruth – I recently kicked off a 30 cleanse of no dairy, sugar, or gluten. These have been my favorite salty snack to get my through the last few days.


Mallory Anne – I was introduced to Georgia Crafted several months ago and have been in love ever since! I am a huge fan of anything local and supporting local businesses, and Georgia Crafted is one of my favorite. Not only is the mastermind Erin the sweetest woman on earth, her products are amazing quality! Georgia Crafted offers gift boxes to fit your every need – from a Valentine’s Day box, a Gluten Free box, Georgia breakfast box and more! Her boxes are unique and contain full size items from local Georgia artisans. #shoplocal


We are so excited to be giving away a Georgia Crafted Southern Spa Gift Box as part of our birthday celebrations! This fabulous box contains items from Carson Bryce Trading Company, Savon Bath, Blue Haven Bee, and Rinse Bath & Body.


Enter now through Monday at midnight!
The winner will be announced on Tuesday.
spa box

Georgia Crafted Southern Spa Gift Box

Have a fabulous weekend!
– Supper Club of the South


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites & Georgia Crafted Giveaway

  1. avalentin574 says:

    Crazy no dairy sugar or gluten! You go! I can probably live wthout dairy since I don’t have much of it now anyway, but sugar… well… that is life for me. Good luck on your cleanse and I agree being a localvore is the best! Have a great weekend!

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