Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Aubrey Lee – I bought myself a Rivo as a Christmas present and am obsessed. This skinny vanilla latte junkie hasn’t visited a Starbucks before work since receiving this guy in the mail. The fresh milk and Italian espresso has me hooked. My Tassimo is literally on a shelf in my garage (#byebyebye). You need one…trust me. Plus, it’s on sale.


LC – Lately I have been loving Starbucks’ Iced Green Tea Lemonade.  I know it’s a little cool for iced tea, but I just can’t get into hot tea.  I decided instead of spending $3 for a pretty small portion at Starbucks that I would try to make it at home, and it’s really almost exactly the same!  I just brew a batch of the tea and mix two parts tea to one part lite lemonade to cut back on the sugar.  I’ve also tried to the same thing with Pomegranate Tea.  Just as delicious, but sadly no caffiene.


Emily Lani – We received this wine sleeve as a wedding present. It keeps a bottle of wine well chilled and stays cold longer than other wine sleeves. I use it all the time!


Mallory Anne – I love spring and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival! One of my favorite items to use during the spring is Lilly Pulitzer’s insulated beach bag. It is perfect for picnics, tailgating at Braves Games and of course a quick trip to the beach!

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