DIY Hair Ties (Valentine’s Edition)

Over my Christmas break, my sister and I experimented with making our own creaseless hair ties. We ready many Pinterest tutorials, and we were excited to try and make the hair ties ourself. We had so much fun making them, I made them for Supper Club’s 1st birthday party swag bag.

As I was searching for cute Valentine’s cards for my girls and couldn’t find any that topped my puppy cards from last year. I decided to make my own and include the creaseless hair ties. I ordered this elastic on Amazon because it was the perfect print for Valentine’s Day! I also love this print, this print and this print. Hobby Lobby also has a huge variety. It is usually on the aisle directly behind the fabric cutting station.


What will you need?

  • 5/8” elastic
  • Scissors
  • Magazine
  • Lighter





Tie the elastic in a fold over loop knot.



  • Measure Β and cut elastic the length of a magazine (double length for headband!).
  • Fold elastic in half.
  • Tie the elastic in a fold over loop knot.
  • Burn edges of elastic with a lighter.


DSCN8080DSCN8081DSCN8086Valentine’s Instructions:

All in all, it cost me about $2 per Valentine. So.Worth.It!

How much elastic do you need? I was able to make about seven hair ties out of two yards of elastic. The print on the elastic determines how much it stresses. The more glitter, the less stretch.


Have fun!


Aubrey Lee


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