10 Signs You’re Addicted to Barre

photo 2Barre is sweeping the nation by storm. Mallory Anne and I have become two of the twenty somethings who spend their days waiting for their barre workout. During the last three months… we’ve become addicted. Have you?

10 Signs You’re Addicted to Barre

  1. Your purse and car are full of sticky socks. “Can I borrow a pen?” “Yes, let me get past these three pairs of socks and I will get it for you.”
  2. You find yourself doing “tiny bend, big stretch” to songs on the radio… while driving.
  3. You plan your day around your barre workout.
  4. You use barre in everyday conversation. “I’m going to barre for lunch”. People start to think you have a drinking problem and use improper grammar.
  5. Your laundry basket is full of leggings, open back sweaters and long racerback tanks.
  6. You have resurrected your Uggs from the back of your closet. It’s just easier and quicker when you get to barre. No judgement…please.
  7. You cringe when you see newbies walking on the barre floor with sneakers. Just don’t do it.
  8. The instructors become your gal pals, even though during the 55 minute workout…you can’t stand them.
  9. You make a barre bestie and on a daily basis exchange screen shots of your workout schedule and new socks.
  10. You constantly try and convince every woman you know to come to barre with you.

While I could go on forever, I will just leave the list to a solid ten. I need to keep some composure on the internet. This being said, if you haven’t tried barre… please do! You can find Mal and I at the Pink Barre in Buckhead almost everyday of the week.



Aubrey Lee


7 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re Addicted to Barre

  1. Kasey says:

    oh 100% the uggs + trying to drag anyone + everyone with you!! when I tell people I’m doing 30 straight days of barre class they always say “kasey, you’re pretty good at drinking already. is it like a bartender class?”

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