Sunday Site Love

Happy Sunday! This week has been crazy. The weather has had no idea what it has wanted to do (two snow days for my kiddos and I at school!) and I’ve had a million deadlines at the University. Why does every conference have the same due date? Everyday I’m researchin’… can I get a mug, Ashley Brooke? Until then, I think I will make my own. I’ll let y’all know how that goes. The truth is… if you don’t see it on instagram, it probably didn’t work out.

Reads of the Week:


I spend a lot of time (and money) in coffee shops around Atlanta. This list is pretty accurate. My visit to Octane yesterday resulted in long line and a fabulous drink!


I made this healthy Mexican dish the other night. I omitted tortillas and sour cream. I also used ground turkey instead of ground beef. It was delicious, but not pretty (no pictures here!).

This is so true! I’m obsessed with my college besties (how lucky am I to blog with one of them?… hey LC!) and so thankful they will always be my friends.

Looking for some Atlanta gluten free options? Mal sent me this link this week and I love it.

Y’all, the ON (copyrighted term of Old Navy by one of my hometown & college besties, Dr. Rowse) is having a killer sale. I plan to order/pick up (time permitting)  this, this (in both colors), and this today. It’s all 40% off.

We are a huge fan of Girl Scout cookies over here (I’m still patiently waiting for my GF toffee cookies to be brought to my door) and are excited to try some of these recipes.

I’m going to a 1st birthday party today. The theme is Brown Bear, Brown Bear and I couldn’t be more excited to see Eric Carle played out in real life.


Happy Sunday! 


Aubrey Lee


2 thoughts on “Sunday Site Love

  1. Erika Preval says:

    Those GF Girl Scout cookies are SO yummy, although they cost $2 more per box and have the least amount of cookies. Luckily, my Cookie Mom grabbed me another 3 boxes. They’re in high demand!

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