Weight Watchers Grocery List {Trader Joe’s Edition}

Mallory and I are on the Weight Watchers train. Want to join us? I’ve lost 25 pounds on the program before. One of my besties, Mackenzie lost 86 pounds and now works for WW. You should definitely read her story. What’s the hidden secret to Weight Watchers? The meetings, go to the meetings.

I’m a huge fan of the zero point items. When fruits and veggies used to cost me points, I would eat a WW ice cream instead (no joke!).


Shopping List (points per serving):

  1. Salsa (0) – I use in omelets, as a dip, topping, or a marinade.
  2. Laughing Cow Cheese (1)– I put in scrambled eggs, eat with carrots, and eat it alone.
  3. Carrots (0)– These are my go to snack at work.
  4. Strawberries (0)– I cut these up and put on some light whipped cream for a healthy dessert.
  5. Grapes (0) – The best for breakfast and on my way to barre class.
  6. Frozen Fruit (0)– I love smoothies. While the idea of smoothies is controversial in the points category, I still make them. Sometimes I count them, sometimes I don’t.
  7. Lite Shredded Cheese (2)– I use in tacos, burrito bowls, omelets… you name it.
  8. Kale (0)- I eat this stuff in smoothies, salads, and sautéed.
  9. Spinach (0)- same uses as kale! 
  10. Baby Bell Peppers (0)– I use these guys in omelets, as chips, and as a midday snack.
  11. Lemons (0)- Lemon water all day…errr day.
  12. Tangerines (0)- Please ask the people at my job how many of these I eat a lunch and throughout the day (#embarrassing).
  13. Black Bean Soup (1) – One point? This is a regular attender of my lunchbox party.
  14. Corn Tortillas (2)- I could eat Mexican for every meal and sometimes I do. Tacos work all day long in my house.
  15. Kettle Corn (3)- This stuff comes proportioned (read: no self control) and is delish.
  16. Pork Tenderloin (4)– I love that it is already marinated in all types of goodness. It cooks in twenty minutes.
  17. Ground Turkey (4)– Turkey Tacos, Turkey Meatballs… need I say more?
  18. Eggs (2)- Eggs are my go to food on WW. I love them anyway you cook them.
  19. Egg Whites (0)- Mini quiche cups are my jam! I use this convenient carton to pour in my muffin tins.
  20. Cabot Light Whipped Cream (0)- I use this on my skinny hot chocolate, fruit, etc..
  21. Reduced Fat Cream Cheese (2)- This is the key ingredient to my skinny pimento cheese.
  22. Dark Chocolate Nibs (1 calorie per piece!)- You can eat the entire container for 2 points. Need I say more?
  23. Espresso Pillows (2)- These stay in my desk drawer at all times. You have to eat 22 to eat 2 points worth, and that rarely happens.
  24. Skim Milk (1)- I drink skinny vanilla lattes all the time. Everyone needs a Rivo 
  25. Tulips- flowers are the best! Plus, you can’t beat Trader Joe’s prices.

Do we eat chicken? Yes, I just never pick it up at Trader Joe’s because it is so expensive.


Is this all I eat? No, I get tired of stuff quickly after I eat it on repeat. Does anyone else do that? Do you have any Trader Joe’s must haves (gluten free…please!)?

Happy & Healthy Eating!

Aubrey Lee


2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Grocery List {Trader Joe’s Edition}

  1. Maeve says:

    100 Calorie mini chocolate sticks. If you have the willpower 🙂
    Also love the battered halibut, the frozen chicken strips, turkey chili, fresh mango pineapple salsa, salsa verde…

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