ClassPass Atlanta

The end of February is about the time when many of us start struggling with those New Years Resolutions to stay in shape.  It’s freezing, dreary, and all you (I) want to do is sit on the couch…under a blanket…watching Real Housewives…while eating pasta, pizza, etc.  Luckily the nice people at ClassPass helped me snap out of my winter slump by letting me try out a month of their workouts.


ClassPass is a great service that allows you to work out at tons of gyms in your area – including barre, yoga, kickboxing, cross fit, blast, spin, and many more.  You can go to each gym up to 3 times per cycle, and at $79-$99 a month (depending on your city) it’s a steal!  I tried it out for a month, and here’s what I thought.

Pros: If you’re a person who gets tired of the same workout, this is for you.  I was amazed at the amount of gyms available to ClassPass members.  My favorites were Pink Barre (you know we love our Barre classes) and Infinity Yoga.  With a week long sinus infection and a trip out of town I didn’t get to try half of the classes I wanted to, but I could’ve easily tried out a different class every day.

Cons:  Many of the gyms only open up certain classes to ClassPassers, and as you can imagine they aren’t at the most convenient times.  For example I had been dying to try out FlyWheel, but the only available times (for the whole month!) were during the work day or at 8:30 at night.  If you are a hard-core fitness person, or live in the Buckhead or Midtown areas, it would be easy to make that work.  But for a lazy person who lives in Brookhaven, it would take a lot of commitment for me to trek over to a different neighborhood and work out at basically my bedtime.

Overall I highly recommend checking out ClassPass.  Honestly it’s worth it for the Barre classes alone, but there are so many more options to explore.  It is spring break season afterall!  Just be aware that some of the more popular workouts might require you to be pretty flexible with your schedule.



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