DIY Spring Door Hangers

DIY… is a word that usually scares me. Does anyone else have #pinterestfails on the regular? I definitely do! However – I am proud to share with you this adorable DIY door hanger craft that my mom and her friends introduced to me a few days ago (Hi Mom!). I love door hangers, but I hate the price tag that usually comes with them.
This craft is simple and easy to make!

All you need is:
Paint colors of your choice
Grocery plastic bags

The first step is to place your stencil on top of a piece of burlap that is two sided (aka so you will end up cutting two pieces of the same shape). If you don’t have a stencil, free hand the shape you would like to create. I went with a simple carrot design (HURRY UP SPRING).


Second, cut out your stencil and place one of the burlap pieces to the side.


After cutting out your shape, take a piece of chalk and draw your design.
I went with a square border and polka dots.


The next step is to pick your paint and have fun! I started with painting white, then black, then green, then orange.




After painting, dry with a hair dryer or let dry over night. Once dry, place the burlaps on top of each other and hot glue – leave an opening on one side. Stuff with plastic grocery bags (or if you are like me – Target bags) then hot glue shut. Add a bow and wire to the top and you are ready to go!


I love how well my DIY carrot door hanger turned out! You can also get creative and use different stencils such as an Easter egg or Easter bunny.

– Mallory Anne


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