Inside Mallory’s Makeup Bag

 Inside Mallory's Make Up Bag
 I have a love/hate relationship with makeup. I love how it can transform and dress me up, but putting it on (and successfully putting it on) can be a challenge. I consider it a good day if I have the basics on – foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm! Here is a sneak peek inside my makeup bag.

 Le Volume de Chanel Mascara – I have tried millions upon millions of mascara and was about to give up until I found this Chanel one. My eyelashes are fuller than they have ever been without the dreaded clumps forming!


Trish McEvoy Bronzer Brush – I will admit – I never know how to apply bronzer correctly, and this brush has made life so much easier. It gets the right amount on my face and it’s easy to clean.


Chanel Foundation Brush – Ok, Ok, this is embarrassing, but I never owned a foundation brush until about 6 months ago. I was that girl still using sponges or worse – my fingers.  Chanel opened my eyes to my wrong ways when I picked up their foundation brush. My foundation actually goes on my face correctly and smoothly – imagine that!


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Liquid Foundation – Finding the shade of foundation that matches my skin perfectly is hard; thankfully, this little bottle is the closest shade I’ve found in my 15 plus years of wearing make-up. It also has SPF 15 – that’s a win in my book!


Eos Lip Balm – I don’t go anywhere without my Eos lip balm. #basic


Deborah Lippmann Base Coat – I love to have my nails painted 24/7; however, my bank account does not. I discovered Deborah Lippmann’s base coat a few months go and it is the perfect in between. It keeps my nails strong with a clear coat that dresses up my nails just a bit from being too boring.


Tan Towels Classic – Aubrey got me hooked on Tan Towels back at Emily’s wedding last fall. These have been a lifesaver when I’ve had to wear white dresses this winter. #brideproblems


Urban Decay Naked 2  – This eye shadow palette may not be as cool anymore, but I still love to use it!


Neutrogena Sunscreen – Even though my foundation has a little sunscreen in it, I always apply this sunscreen as well on those sunny spring and summer days. I love being tan, but not sunburn! This sunscreen goes on smooth and doesn’t leave an oily feel afterwards. It is my go-to at the pool and beach as well.


Clinique Quickliner – Clinique’s quickliner is the eye liner I have worn – no joke – since I was 16. The dark chocolate is my favorite shade!


Tweezerman Slant Tweezer – I hate, hate, hate tweezing my eyebrows. I usually give myself a pep talk before going after those suckers. These tweezers have helped to make the process less painful – and they are pink – you can’t hate something that is pink!


Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Palette – I love this eye shadow palette from Sonia Kashuk. The soft pastels make me want warm weather to get here sooner.


Aveeno Daily Cleansing Pads – Aveeno’s daily cleansing pads are my go-to make up remover especially when I am traveling and need a quick refresher.


Aveda Firming Face Creme – Guys, since I am now in my mid (I refuse to say upper) 20’s, Aveda’s firming face creme is a daily step in my routine. No wrinkles or saggy skin please!


 Trish McEvoy Bronze Powder – Trish’s bronzer is my absolute favorite!
Clinique Moisturizing Lotion – This lotion is the first thing I apply on my face after showering in the morning. I love how soft my skin feels.


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick – Every girl needs her signature lip color. Chanel’s “boy” is mine!


What are your favorite beauty products?
– Mallory Anne

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