Atlanta Eats: Bantam + Biddy


This past weekend, I went to the Junior League Tour of Kitchens with some of my favorite girls. It was so much fun! You should definitely go next year. After watching chefs prepare incredible meals and only tasting small amounts for hours, we were starving. My friend Courtney, who is also a gluten free eater, suggested Bantam + Biddy. She had me a gf fried chicken fingers.

Bantam + Biddy has an extensive gluten free menu. My favorite part of the menu is that any item that was gluten free was only made gluten free. For example, their jalapeΓ±o corn bread is gluten free. Isn’t awesome to know that all of their fried chicken is gluten free too? That means the recipe is incredible. Isn’t it nice to eat southern comfort food on a patio during the spring?



I had the chicken fingers, sweet potato fries and sautΓ©ed spinach. All three were amazing. I haven’t had fried chicken fingers since 2011, so they were extra delicious to me. The wasabi honey for the chicken fingers is out of this world.



Lauren had the chicken fingers as well. We were both obsessed. She ordered the kale salad and mac & cheese as was very impressed. Lauren’s sides weren’t gluten free, so I’ll take her word for it.




Courtney ordered the California club on gluten free bread. It was ginormous and well worth the $12. She loved the quinoa salad that came with it as well.

Will I eat there again? Of course! I don’t know what took me so long to get there in the first place. The waitstaff was awesome. The food was delicious and they had the best ice. Anyone else a lover of great crushed ice besides me, LC and our old roomie Mal? I only wish the waffles were gluten free, but it was probably a good thing they weren’t. How many barre workouts does it take to counteract fried chicken and waffles?

Bantam + Biddy now has five locations in the Atlanta area (so they must be doing something right!). Add a lunch at Bantam + Biddy to your Saturday to do list.

Happy Monday!

Aubrey Lee



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