10 Signs You Grew Up in a Southern Small Town

Many of us who hail from small towns, love to talk badly about what we had or didn’t have growing up (side note: only people from small towns can talk badly about small towns #pleaseandthankyou). We all know there are definitely some pros to being raised in a small Southern town.

1. You lived for Sonic Happy Hour. What’s better than an enormous diet cherry vanilla Coke after school? Nothing. nothing at all.


2. Daylight Donuts was a weekend must. A sausage roll and a chocolate sprinkle donut all for under $2? Can we please bring these to large cities?


3. Barbeque means pulled pork only. Who knew there were so many options for barbeque? I prefer mine from the small hut on Vine Street in Statesboro. Please never serve me chain bbq.


4. You didn’t do brunch on Sunday after church. What’s brunch? You go lunch at the same restaurant (or grandma’s house!) with your family every week, eat the same things, sit in the same spot and you love it. You can find my family at RJ’s every week.


5. Lifetime friends are a staple. Doesn’t everyone go to through grades K-12 together plus Sunday School? I’m so sorry if you didn’t have this same opportunity. You learn a lot about accepting differences and getting over arguments. After all, there aren’t that many people for you to choose from for friendship (I’m halfway joking).


Lifetime friends + college besties make wonderful bridesmaids.

6. You shopped at your pharmacy. If you’ve never experienced an awesome local pharmacy full of clothes, gifts, and maybe even a soda fountain you are truly missing out. All the best gifts come from there.


7. You were in the local newspaper on the reg. Isn’t it great to see your name in print because you won the spelling bee, a tennis match, or an essay contest? Plus, your wedding got a pretty decent size spread.Perhaps your local newspaper also had a “soundoff” section were you could call and leave messages to be printed in the paper.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.06.01 PM

8.  You gravitated to other people from small towns when you went off to college or moved to a new city. Seriously, almost all my college besties grew up in small towns.


LC and I with our other roomie, Mal, at the pumpkin patch circa 2006. #smalltowngirlsunite

9. Farm to table isn’t a new concept. Fresh produce from the local stand on the side of  road was part of grocery shopping. It was an extra plus if they sold boiled peanuts, too.


10. Belk (also known as Belks) and Walmart were your go to stores. If you’re like me, every holiday was paired with a dress from Belks and every Saturday was filled with Walmart shopping.


Anything else I should add?

Aubrey Lee



2 thoughts on “10 Signs You Grew Up in a Southern Small Town

  1. Caitlin says:

    Great list! Some of these can apply even if you didn’t grow up in the South in general! My newspaper definitely didn’t have a sound off section, but the only type of BBQ I’ll eat is pulled pork! And a Sonic cherry limeade helped me survive undergrad! 🙂

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