5 Musts for Your Bestie’s Bridal Shower

I spent this past weekend in Richmond with one of my best friends from college, Natalie, celebrating her upcoming wedding. It was great to see her and to host a lovely party in her honor. Because I was flying in I was so blessed to have the help and support of other bridesmaids to pull this party off. Here are my top 5 musts to hosting a successful bridal shower:


1. Do not go at it alone if you can help it. Parties are always more fun to plan with friends. Although it is hard for control freaks like me to lets others help it really is nice to divide up the responsibility.


2. Plan your menu carefully. Time of day, season of the year, age of guest, and number of guests are all things you need to keep in mind when planning your food and drinks for the party. This past weekend we went with Southern lunch favorites and a mimosa bar.


3. Add a little something special. We were lucky enough to have a hostess with enough skills to quit her very impressive day job and open a bakery. Look at these cookies! This special touch to dessert was something that was personal and meant a great deal to the bride. Taking the time to think about something that will add that little extra to any party can go a long way.


4. Great gift notes and lots of pictures. The bride will be very thankful for these details. The clearer your notes, the faster she can get thank you notes in the mail, and pictures last forever so bring your nice camera ladies. Side note on my personal opinion for gifts – brides have a registry for a reason and look at that smile you get when opening the exact Williams-Sonoma spatula she wanted.


5. Favors are a great way to make the memories last a bit longer. For Natalie’s shower we gave hair ties on a personal card printed with “Natalie is tying the knot”. Favors are an extra and not mandatory, but if the budget allows, go for it.

What are your “musts” for a bridal shower?

Stay tuned for bachelorette tips in the next few weeks!



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