Sunday Site Love

This weekend has flown by. How is it already Sunday evening?

I went to one of the most beautiful baby sprinkle yesterday. My friend, Bekah, did an incredible job hosting. Her attention to detail was phenomenal. I had to snap a few pics before the festivities started.

photo 1-11

Yes, that’s a lace umbrella… in a vase. How creative?

photo 2-10

See those “sprinkles” in the background? The rain clouds were too cute, too! Plus, she called the honoree’s mom and got leftover pieces of fabric from her nursery to make garlands for the shower. How thoughtful?

Reads of the week:

Are you misusing common phrases? This list will surprise you.

Using Airbnb for the first time? Read this. The hubs and I are under the direction of the wonderful LC.

Did y’all see Skinnytaste’s new five ingredient almond cake? It’s gluten free and is on my baking list.

Are you a Costco lover like me? The hubs and I were literally walking out at closing time today. We had to renew our membership plus pick up a few things. Two hundred dollars later, we were out the door (how does this always happen?). Here’s five things you should never buy at Costco.

Our besties at Pink Barre just posted this article on surviving May. It’s on repeat read for me.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is so so soon! We’ve got a list ready for you.

The end of the school year crunch is all around me. Here’s to surviving and enjoying the next few weeks!

Happy Sunday!

Aubrey Lee


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