Packing for Europe: Retro Sneaker Edition

Packing for Europe: Retro Sneaker Edition

Top Row (L-R) 1/2/3
Middle Row (L-R) 1/2/3/4
Bottom Row (L-R) 1/2/3
I am searching for the perfect sneakers to wear with jeans (gasp).  I pledge to wear them with skinny jeans and no socks. Everyone is doing it. My inspiration comes from here, here,here and here. This new style comes just in time for my two week European vacation. I want to look cute, but not kill my feat during hours of exploring.
The problem I’m having is I can’t decide which ones to get!  I’ve ordered countless pairs to my house since many of these are not sold in stores. First world problems are on the rise at my household right now.
Which ones should I get?
Aubrey Lee

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