Teacher Life: Avoiding Summer Weight Gain

Let’s be real, teacher summer weight gain is a real problem. After 9 months of being inside a cinder block building, we are so excited for our new found freedom. While we LOVE our job and the lives we are changing on a regular basis, it comes with quick lunch times, on the go breakfasts, and few hours of sleep. Summer is glorious. We get to eat out like real adults during the lunch hour (the start of our problem)! Additionally, we can lay on the couch all.day.long, sleep for more than 5 hours a day, and lay by the pool with all the best snacks and drinks.


While the rest of the world is jealous of our summer off, we know we earned it. After pulling 10-14 (sometimes more) hour days all school year, we just want to relax and do whatever we want. Meanwhile, we do have to remember how mad we will be at ourselves if our work pants don’t fit in August.


The first source of our weight gain is our lunch and breakfast. During the school year, we start our days with Kind bars and smoothies and eat healthy, quick lunches. Friends, I see what you pack in your lunchbox on a daily basis and I am impressed. The problem is during the summer, our food choices are endless and full of calories. Let’s make a choice to start the 2015-2016 school healthier than we we left the 2014-2015 year.

I’ve compiled a list of what I’ll be doing to keep the pounds down.

1. Workout FIVE days a week. During the school year we always complain we don’t have enough time to workout, especially if we are coaching or sponsoring student activities. You can find me at Pink Barre every morning. They are running specials this week for their one year anniversary, don’t miss out. Enter this giveaway to win a 3 class pack!

photo 2

2. Buy yourself new workout clothes. They really do making working out more fun.


3. Pack a healthy pool cooler. I’ll be sipping on Sparkling Ice and snacking on Pirate’s Booty and lite kettle corn. Prepackaged snacks are the way to go.


4. Resist the number of times you eat cheese dip during a given week. Teachers love Mexican food. It’s quick, cheap and delicious. My goal this summer is to only order cheese dip once a week (seriously!).


5. Eat a healthy breakfast. Yes, we finally have time to indulge in french toast and pancakes, but let’s limit the number of times we do this. Yoplait Greek Whips and cantelope are my go to choice this summer.


6. Drink plenty of water! During the school year, we are all over this. It’s hard when we aren’t working the 7 am- 7pm, so we’ve got to make ourselves do it. I’ve set goals for myself and keep large water bottles in the fridge to track my progress. I love adding fresh lemon slices to my water. It helps me drink more.


7. Buy yourself a Fitbit. I was shocked at the difference in my daily number of steps on my days off. I was walking 5-6 miles a day at school and let’s just say it isn’t anywhere close when I’m sitting poolside all day.


8. Meet up with your friends at healthy brunch and lunch spots. Souper Jenny  and Joy Cafe have been on repeat for me all summer long.


Let’s keep the pounds off together! Happy Summer.


Aubrey Lee


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