Five thoughts girls have on a daily basis.

Five thoughts girls (especially this girl) have on a daily basis: 



Seriously, between all of the meetings, weddings, showers, girls’ nights, being a wifey/fiancé/girlfriend and everything else…. how are we supposed to be get to the gym? It’s so hard! My tip, I schedule over a week in advance and have them on my calendar like dates. #barresohard

  1. But first, coffee.

photo 2

I know people say that, but it’s real. These long days don’t just happen. I legitimately have a Keurig at work, a Keurig 2.0 in my kitchen (along with a Rivo) and a Keurig upstairs. Add that to the fact that I’m Starbucks Gold until 2018 and I spend most of my meetings in local coffee shops drinking beans that are fresh roasted and you get my drift. How did people survive before there were coffee shops on every corner?

  1. Black skinny dress pants…. where to find?


Let’s be real. I’ve searched high and low and it takes forever to find the perfect pair of black skinny dress pants. When you do find you have to buy two pairs because soon they will be discontinued. Where are you fabulous people buying your skinny dress pants? It’s so hard to look office chic.

  1. $7 smoothies?


How much will you pay for a smoothie? Has this ever crossed your mind? What is your max? Don’t they seem to be going up and up? While I agree they are delicious and am currently inhaling a Spinach Slam (that I paid for with cash to keep the hubs off my back), is there a ceiling for smoothies and juices?

  1. I miss my couch/bed.


I never thought the day would come when I would rush home to sit and do nothing. NOTHING.AT.ALL. Life is crazy and sometimes I just want to sit and veg. Skinny pop, Diet Coke, my super snuggly puppy and TLC reruns are the perfect combination for an afternoon/weekend/evening of vegging.

Happy Adulting. Life is Hard.


Aubrey Lee


5 thoughts on “Five thoughts girls have on a daily basis.

  1. Nicole says:

    Black skinny pants are almost as hard to find as jeans! My favorite are the ponte knit ones from Ann Taylor. They seriously feel like pjs, but they hold up so well and don’t fade!

  2. Katy says:

    Jcrew Minnies are the best black skinny dress pants I’ve found! I have to get the tall size (I’m 5’8″), but they’re awesome & really hold their shape. 🙂

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