Best Purchases of 2015

Best Purchases of 2015


What should you be asking Santa for while you are home for Thanksgiving? Here are a few our of favorite purchases from 2015:

L-R Black Jeggings// Sandals// Travel Flats// Crossbody

L-R Smartphone Wristlet// Fitbit// Mini Hairdryer// Quilted Jacket 

L-R Copper Mugs// Packing Bags// Candle// Gym Bag 

Black Jeggings: These are incredible. I literally wear them all the time. They can pass for work pants (seriously!).

Sandals: I wore these all over Europe and my feat did not hurt one bit. They are worth every penny. Even with almost a year in PT because of severe plantar fasciitis leading up to trip, I was golden on the streets of Rome!

Travel Flats: These are in the running for my favorite Tory shoes ever. It’s hard to beat the tumbled leather Revas with the scrunchy back (RIP).I wore these straight out of the box all over Atlanta. They’ve been my conference shoe of choice. The shoes have seen the streets of Chicago, Portland and New Orleans over the last few weeks.

Crossbody: This bag is the perfect size. I love it for game day (Go Dawgs!). The chain also goes inside and makes it the perfect clutch for weddings.

Smartphone Wristlet: I picked this up before I headed on my summer travels. I love just being able to carry a small item with me. It’s perfect for running in to the store, going to the beach, or not getting lost in a large carry on.

Fitbit: I have loved tracking my steps over the last year. It has helped me to see which days I just sit. When I was teaching high school, I didn’t have to worry about tracking since I was constantly on my feet. In my new role, I have days where I am glued to the computer and need something to keep my accountable to get up and move around.

Mini Hairdryer: This hairdryer is tiny, but powerful. It even works in Europe with a convertor. It’s the size of a small can of soup when folded up. You can’t beat the power for the price. It stays in my travel bag.

Quilted Jacket : I dreamed about this jacket for so long. I love that I finally have one and how it compliments so many different looks. It’s a classic that I know I will love for years to come.

Copper Mugs: These mugs are the perfect addition to my bar cart! I use them for all cold beverages. They really make even a glass of lemonade fun.

Packing Bags: These bags have changed my packing. I used to be the person with tons of luggage. Now, even I can pack in a carry on. You can even get them in new fun and cute patterns (so jealous!).

Candle: This candle has saved me tons of money this year. I love the smell and I love the price. It’s stopped my $28 candle addiction.

Gym Bag : This bag is a steal right now. You should order immediately, and don’t forget the matching garment bag.  This bag keeps me so organized with my trips to and from the gym. It also serves as my personal item on planes. Roller bag + beautiful gym bag= no checked luggage.

Here’s to hoping Santa listens to all your wishes!

Supper Club of the South


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