Why We Barre

First, sorry for our absence. We truly appreciate your patience during our long blogging pause. Our work towards getting a Ph.D. and at a nonprofit have overwhelmed us lately. We’ve missed y’all!

It’s no secret we love barre over here at Supper Club of the South. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you see the check ins and posts of our ridiculous tanks, socks, and work out times. One might call us addicted. People always ask, “is it really that great?” Yes, it really is.

Aubrey’s barre journey

Mal invited me to join her at barre after I received sticky socks from her at my Favorite Thing’s party in December of 2014. While excited, I was skeptical even though secretly one of my goals for physical therapy was to ultimately be able to complete a barre workout. All of my girlfriends raved about it. I was in the process of an 11 month tour of physical therapy for a Lisfranc fracture and plants fasciitis (after a two year misdiagnosis from one doctor).  With the permission of my physical therapist I joined Mallory at the barre. While the workout was intense, I was hooked. As a former “I only work out one-on-one with a personal trainer” snob, boutique studios were a new adventure. Additionally, as a training client who would only work out with male trainers because “I didn’t need a girl to tell me I need to lose weight”, I surprisingly loved the female instructors.

Mallory and I started attending Pink Barre regularly. It felt like home within weeks. The instructors (some of which are physical therapists) were able to modify the workouts so that I could complete them while I continued the healing process. My physical therapist noticed changes in balance within weeks.

After 12 classes, Mallory and I had the idea to snap a few photos after class to track my progress. I hadn’t worked out in almost a year due to physical therapy restrictions and wanted to be able to see and share the changes my body was making.


Excuse the quality of the photos and hair.


As time moved on, I began to miss days when I didn’t go to barre. I even missed barre terribly when I was in Europe this summer.  This September, I officially became a member of the Hunnie Club!


Allise was my first and 101st instructor. tank// work out pants


December was a fun month at the barre. I got to co-host a Beauty and Brains at the Barre event with the fabulous Aimée (MD/ PhD student… seriously).

Then, I celebrated my year anniversary with Pink Barre! I wanted to recreate the photos taken in December of 2014 in honor of my anni with the best barre studio in town. I even wore the unflattering white top for the full effect. I was so pleased with the progress I had made even during one of the stressful/busiest years of my life. The one hour workouts 3-4 times a week really made a difference! The best part is everyday there is something new, which is perfect for my old one-on-one trainer self. If you are considering trying barre, just do it already!



This Saturday, I will take 150th class at Pink Barre and I can’t wait. My goal is to become a Two Hunnie Club member by May. Thank you Tara, owner of Pink Barre, for creating such a wonderful space! Here’s to another year of being long, lean and fit!

See you at the {PINK} barre!





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