City Living Must Haves

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know I recently moved to Chicago. I learned quickly I needed some new items in my life and found a deeper love for some piecesΒ in the back of my closet. Let’s just say most of my mornings are off to a better start!


  1. Grocery delivery

Peapod is my new best friend, especially since I live in a four-story walk up (apartment hunting in Chicago is so hard!). Each week I get everything I could possible want delivered straight to my door. They have items from Boar’s Head meat (sliced how you like it) to gluten free EGGOs and stellar produce.

  1. Classpass

Can we all agree finding the perfect boutique studio is hard? Anyone who has ever talked to me knows I’m obsessed with Pink Barre. As a I search for that same environment in Chi, I’m a barre hopper. The best is now you can buy additional classes to studios. The best part to me is unlike ATL, I can pick my Classpass classes up until the hour I want to take them since it appears that barre studios are like coffee shops in this city and are on every corner.

  1. Public Transit App

The Ventra App in Chicago keeps me going places. As a girl once from the rural dirt roads of Georgia, I am proud of myself for how quickly I can navigate around this bustling city. I use both the El and the Metra since I commute to the burbs daily for work. The first few weeks I was that person manually loading my card and buying train tickets at Union Station. I finally had to ask a conductor (on my non-crowded out of town train) how people had their tickets on their phone. Welcome to the big city!

  1. Commuting Tote

I am a chronic over packer and have tried not to become one on my daily commute since I have to carry it down the streets of Milwaukee Ave. I found this tote and ordered in Navy. I needed something with pockets on the train. I was having to practically dump out my other totes to get to my pens. This tote can also hold my lunch, work shoes, and everything else I will need during the day.

  1. Cross-body Purse + Wristlet

I have an older version of this bag and it has been a lifesaver for the days I want to carry a purse and a tote. I also have this wristlet and it’s great to throw in my tote on days I leave my purse at home.


Here’s to life in the Windy City!

Aubrey Lee


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